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For brands struggling to connect authentically on social media...

This new eBook reveals a surprisingly simple approach to crafting posts that resonate deeply with your audience - without sounding robotic or salesy.

You'll uncover the secrets to easily creating content that feels human, saving hours in the process. Plus, gain a strategic blueprint for social media success as you learn to tell your brand's story and boost engagement through compelling storytelling.

Discover the Secret to Resonating with Your Audience

This blueprint is a unique approach to crafting social media content. We achieve this by guiding you through targeted brand discovery questions and AI optimization prompts without overly relying on generic engagement tactics.

And as a result...this frees you up to focus on your core business while your social channels thrive - this is the Unlocking Your Social Voice ebook.

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From Generic to Genuine: Uncovering Your Brand's Authentic Social Voice with an AI Blueprint

Drowning in social media challenges?

Stuck on what to post?

From inconsistent branding to limited engagement, it's time to unlock the secrets to digital dominance!

Finally, a framework to tap AI's creative power and consistently resonate. Just feed in your brand essence, and cutting-edge tools do the heavy lifting.

Kiss writer's block goodbye. Unlock a perpetual idea machine. AI generates branded content tailored to your distinct vibe.

See engagement skyrocket with attention-grabbing content in your brand's voice. The prompts inside automate authenticity.

Don't just connect with your community, forge heartfelt relationships. This guide unlocks tech's potential for branded storytelling that converts.

💡 What's Inside the 24 page eBook?

  • Introduction

  • The importance of brand authenticity on social media

    Overview of harnessing AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude

    Goal of creating branded, resonant social content

  • Directing AI to Generate On-Brand Content

  • Asking the right questions to evoke your brand voice

    Prompts for social copy, quotes, videos, contests etc.

    Guidance on length, formats, and optimization

    Curating AI output for consistency

  • Establishing Your Brand Voice

  • Brand origin and mission, Expertise and credibility

    Products/services and pricing, Target audience insights

    Unique value proposition, Content preferences and Goals for social media

  • Bringing Your Brand Voice Visually to Life

  • Leveraging AI image generation

    Steps for Bing Image Creator and ChatGPT

    Modifying prompts for optimal visuals

    Matching images to text for cohesive storytelling

It isn't just a guide, it's your secret weapon for consistent brand voice on social media.
And email, and your blog, and...

Grab your copy for only $7

Set Ideas Ablaze with These Fiery Prompts

Entrepreneurs like you and I often face roadblocks due to a lack of affordable marketing resources and support. Without the right tools, you may struggle to create a consistent brand voice on social media, stunting brand awareness and engagement.

But this guide is your key to overcoming those obstacles. These prompts are your secret weapon to amplify your unique point of view across social platforms.

Like rockets that launch captivating content into the stratosphere, these targeted questions will skyrocket engagement. They'll give your social presence the electric jolt ⚡️ it needs to thrive.

By diving deep into your brand's essence and ideals, you'll derive posts that authentically resonate with your community. This guide provides the affordable framework to finally establish your distinctive brand voice.

So get ready for lift-off! With these prompts as your launch pad, you'll soar to new heights of social media success. Your content will stand out from competitors and forge heartfelt connections with your audience.

ChatGPT in action


Save time and effort in crafting impactful social media content


Establish a consistent and engaging brand voice on social media platforms


Easily streamline your marketing processes towards your primary goal


Implement targeted marketing strategies to reach your target audience

Unlock your AI powers

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of brands can benefit from this ebook?

This guide is useful for any B2C or B2B brand looking to improve social media engagement by leveraging AI to create branded, on-strategy content. Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, it provides a framework to establish your unique brand voice.

Do I need prior experience with AI to get value from this?

No specialized AI experience is required. The guide provides step-by-step instruction on using tools like ChatGPT and CLAUDE in a strategic, optimized way. It starts with the basics and goes deeper into best practices.

Does the guide include actual social media content examples?

Yes, sample questions are provided to generate tailored social copy and creative assets based on your brand's DNA. You'll get real post ideas and captions you can tweak or use as-is.

Will it help me create visual assets too, or only text?

In addition to copywriting prompts, the guide covers directing AI to produce matching visuals, graphics and videos to bring your brand voice to life visually.

What level of AI expertise is needed from my marketing team?

Your team doesn't need deep AI knowledge. The guide provides detailed background and tips for using AI content tools effectively, regardless of skill level.

Doesn't this cheapen our brand?

Not at all - AI is a tool that enhances human creativity. It allows us to be more efficient while still maintaining full creative oversight over branding.

Won't my audience catch on that it's AI-created?

Today's natural language AI is extremely advanced. When directed properly, and modified when necessary, the content style mirrors human writers and aligns with brand voice. Readers perceive it as authentic.


We're so confident this ebook will help you establish your unique brand voice and create resonant social media content, that we back it with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you follow the strategies in this guide and don't see a measurable increase in social engagement within 30 days, simply contact us and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.

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